Root for Peace donated over 10,000 plants to restoration projects in  previous years.Due to the drought there are no new plants for 2015 we will be volunteering instead at Main Headlands Nursery. Come join us Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.
 Due to drought, we will be volunteering at Marin Headlands and Presidio Nursery's. 
No new D-40 plants available.
We currently have 800D 40 pots and racks to donate.
We are out of the remaining Seaside Daisy, 100 coyote prostrate and a variety of gallons of various natives.
New donation funds go toward 2015 growing season.

In 2012 we donated 5,000 California native plants that support school art & garden programs as well as restoration projects around the bay. 
We grow and donate California native plants for school art & garden programs. Your school can also sell these plants at school fundraisers which further supports wild habitat and your school programs

Root For Peace will donate up to 200 plants to your school for fundraisers or school gardens. Children are able to prepare them in habitat boxes and learn about the plants before they are sold at the fundraiser. 100 plants raises about $1000.

We can also donate plants for planting in the school garden. Our overall mission is to educate about and support the installation of organic home and school gardens, and native landscapes locally and abroad. By providing creative ways to fund essential programs the whole system can benefit. Every step of the way can be a positive one if we look at the world systemically. 
Root For Peace also grows affordable California native plants for restoration projects and non-profits. 

Our goal is to help you and our native habitat at the same time to restore, educate, and protect our children and the environment they live in.
Sell them at your school fundraisers or plant them in your school garden. 
For example New Village School in Sausalito raised $1000 for their school garden by selling the Root For Peace natives planted by the students in habitat boxes. You can do this too!

Root for Peace also provides weekly field trips and classes for kids and grown-ups.
Learn to identify, propagate, design and install native gardens. Join us on the trail and get to know each other as well as our California Natives during the Miwok Grocery Store walk. Class: Thursdays from 2:00 to 4:00 $10 donation. Call 415-419-6459 to reserve.

Native Medicinal Inventory  
New plants  are sewn to order so that you can Go wild and choose 
your favorites. More inventory on California Natives page.  
Plant price does not include pot and rack deposit.
Inventory below available in D-40, 10 inch deep root pots:
Empty Pots also on Sale 3 cents each, racks $1
 On Sale $2.50
California Sagebrush, HetArtemesi Californica,  (500 plants)
Lizard Tail, Eriophyllum staechadifolium ,  (550 plants)
Yarrow, Achillea Millifolium,  (550 plants)
Coyote Bush, Baccharis Pilularis PROSTRATE,  (950 plants)
Seaside Daisy, Erigeron glaucus 'Sea Breeze', (925 plants) 
Coast Purple Aster, Aster Chilensis,  (25 plants) 
Hairy Goldenaster, Heterotheca sessiliflora ssp. bolanderi,  (150 plants)
Bee Plant, Scrophularia Californica, , (28 plants)
Coast Buckwheat, Eriogonum latifolium (55 plants)
Wild Strawberry, Fragaria Californica (200 plants)
Blue Eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium bellum (0 plants)
California Poppy, Eschscholzia Californicum (75 plants)
Caterpiller Flower, Phacelia Californica (225 plants)
Yerba Buena, Micromeria douglasii  (100 plants)  
Try Our Habitat Racks -  5 each of 5 species,  25 assorted plants. 
 Yarrow, Seaside Daisy, California Sagebrush, Pearly Everlasting, Coyote Bush (Prostrate ) and or Lizard Tail.
Go wild  reserve your native garden today and we will donate 10% to Doctors Without Boarders.  
 Root For Peace native plants are relatively easy to grow and very drought tolerant. 

Our mission is to grow 10,000 plants for peace to educate about and support the installation of organic home and school gardens, as well as native landscapes locally and abroad.
GO Wild 
  Learn more about California native plants.
100’s of Daisy's pictures to help you: 
Identify native plants and their uses.
Root For Peace. Org
Other ways to get involved:

Volunteer at the Parks Conservancy native plant nursery  
in the Marin headlands Saturday 9-12   Wednesday's 12- 4
Root For Peace brought to you by founder Daisy Carlson ( BeDelightful.com)