Liberty Gardens

Join Root for Peace and the Liberty Garden movement today! 
Help us plant 10,000 plants for peace.  Enjoy abundant fresh food at your doorstep. By growing a home garden you contribute to the education and liberty of food security.  A beautiful fun way to learn our potential for healthy safe food security that promotes self-reliance. Root For Peace!
Root For Peace gardens, tools and accessories support home farm education and growing abundantly.
We sell Garden box kits, Woolly Pocket kits, and Burlap Sack kits complete with seeds, soil and even a bit of love. 

Enjoy Vertical Liberty!

Box of Liberty!  Just add Sun, love and water!
Our wooden Liberty planter arrives at your door with everything you need to start. 
Our reclaimed cleverly modified wooden Liberty gardens arrive at your door with everything you need to start.  $38 ( MH- Mediterranean herb, SS-Super salad,  ER-Edible roots, TT -Tasty Tomato, RN-Return of the Native. )  Includes soil block, seeds, drainage mix, box, base, directions and Liberty movement membership certification.

Liberty Sacks...
Reclaimed burlap coffee bags create the perfect low impact vertical garden container. Pick up a Liberty garden sack of soil and select from our wide range of vegetable and herb starts to create your very own vertical Liberty garden today. We can also send you everything you need mail order....just add sun, love and water.
 If you have limited space or no tillable ground this sack of soil will provide 20 square feet in a 2 foot x 2 foot space. Made from recycled and re-used natural materials. Burlap coffee sacks with a circumference of 18 inches are 4 feet tall. You can add your own soil or buy our kit ready for you to add sun love and water too. Grow everything you would in a box, spinach, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, peas, herbs, flowers even strawberries. All in one four foot tall Sack of Liberty on your balcony, patio or porch. It is perfect for the individual, school or business that wants to garden and harvest vegetables but does not have a yard or the space to do so.

Garden Collections
Tomato Trio 3 kinds in one box $37.50

French Salade  $28.50

Other Collections we can ship in wine box garden: Mediterranean Herb, Chard-aliscious. 

Fun posters from the past.
Thrifty Patriot Poster $10

Dig Plenty Poster $10

All vintage Posters including Fight  Inflation Poster $10